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Welcome to wish lists for www.TheAirplaneCollection.com

There are three links needed for working with wish lists.

1. As a customer you can create multiple wish lists, but you cannot add an item to a wish list permanently until you have at least one named wish list. Click here to create wish lists. If you have not created a user account, you must also do this before you can save a permanent wish list.

2. As a customer you can manage and view your wishlist when you are logged in to your account. Click here to manage your saved wish lists. To convert a wish list to a public shared wish list check the "shared" box next to the wish list. Then email your friends this link "http://www.diecastairplane.com/store/SharedWishList.aspx" and also the name of your wish list.

3. As the public you can view other users wish lists as directed by a customer with a wish list. Click here to go to the shared wish list page. Once you are on this page you can do a search for the name of the wish lists as provided by the person with the wish list. For example, "Wish list for Julie". Once you have found a wish list, click on the list and you will see all the items in that wish list. You can move items one at a time to your shopping cart by clicking the move to cart button.